Meet My Students

Jane Martin

I started Boot Camp with Deidre in January 2015. At the time I was feeling pretty low about my body and aging. I am 66.  I was overweight and not in great shape. The class was difficult for me but Deidre showed me how to modify the exercises so I could keep moving. I kept at it. I also started to go to the morning Stretch and Tone class. I do work so I had to make going to class a priority. I found that if I went to class after a difficult and often physical day at work, when I felt very tired, had a headache and really wanted to go home, I actually felt better after a workout!

After awhile I started to build up muscle and do the exercises I could not do at a the beginning.  It just happened. I feel stronger and, as a result, seemed to improved my outlook on my life. It’s made me stronger not only physically,  but mentally and emotionally. I believe that the best way to slow down the aging process is exercise. I do feel younger now than when I started.  I also have lost 25 pounds. I just didn’t want to eat bad foods anymore. I didn’t want to put in all the time and effort to workout only to eat sugary or fatty foods.

Thank you Deidre for you support and encouragement. You make class fun and challenging. It is hard sometimes but it feels so darn good when it’s over.

I don’t ever want to stop!

Cheryl Ring

Deidre is inspiring, knowledgeable, positive, and fun!. With her help, I feel stronger, healthier, and better able to do all my activities.

Mark and Sue

“Sue had been going to the class for about a few months when I decided I needed to something to stay healthy and get stronger. I decided to try Deidre’s Boot Camp. The class has been just what I was looking for. I feel stronger and healthier. I look forward to going to class!”  Mark

 “I am a runner and I came to Boot Camp to strengthen my core and upper body.  Boot camp has made me stronger and improved my running. Mark and I look forward to Deidre’s classes.  They are a great workout and lots of fun!”  Sue

Stephanie Barley

“All ages, sizes, and ability levels are welcomed by Deidre!  Come join the fun (and you might notice that your clothes fit a little bit better after a few sessions…. just sayin’

Anne and Laura

Meet my clients Anne and Laura. They have been exercising with me for over 20 years! They participate in group personal training as well as toning classes. As you can see their commitment has paid off:)

“There are so many things I can highlight from many many years working out with Deidre. She has become a friend, but most of all, she knows my capacity for exercise, and she respects it while pushing me to achieve higher goals. Her knowledge of her many clients’ needs is incredible.” Anne

“There is positive energy in Deidre’s classes. I always leave feeling stronger and invigorated!” Laura

Lynne Gall

Meet my student Lynn Gall. Pay attention ladies because Lynn makes 70 look like the new 50! This is what a lifetime of healthy eating and exercise looks like:) Great form Lynn!

“I have been attending Deidre’s classes for many years as part of an overall fitness program. I love the flexibility and camaraderie of the workout sessions that are never routine or boring. There is a nice combination of strengthening, balance and stretching. Deidre’s contagious energy makes everyone feel better leaving than when they arrived.” Lynn


Claire DeWilde

Meet my student Claire DeWilde. She started toning classes with me over a year again and wanted to gain some core strength. That looks like a strong core to me! Great job Claire:)

“I started to take exercise classes at Sky High Studio with Deidre last year. She came highly recommended to me by a friend “she is amazing”! And she was absolutely right! 

I initially started going to classes in order to get in shape to go on a cross country skiing/snow shoeing trip last year. I was warmly welcomed into the classes, always encouraged and never bored! There are other women/men who attend, both older and younger than I, and exercises can be modified, with Deidre’s expertise, to accommodate individual needs. There is an underlying comradery with ongoing support that have developed over time that I truly enjoy. I always feel better, stronger and more self confident after attending classes. Thanks Deidre and all for your ongoing support!!!” Claire

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